Your Advisor on Individual Stocks

An advisor can help you determine your risk tolerance, diversify your portfolio and decide how to integrate stocks, bonds, ETFs, and/or mutual funds into your retirement portfolio.

Your portfolio should include a range of stocks and bonds and other individual investment instruments that may be offered through a broker. The more diversified your investment portfolio, the more stable and secure your retirement nest egg will be.

Another factor to consider in building your portfolio is how soon you plan on retiring - or when you will need the money. If you are in your pre-retirement phase and don't plan on withdrawing money from your retirement savings any time soon, you can afford to take some risk and weight your portfolio more towards riskier high-growth instruments. As you near retirement time, it may be prudent to invest in less volatile financial instruments such as bonds and high dividend paying stocks

Your risk tolerance is a third key factor in determining what investments are right for you. You need to be comfortable with the risk embedded in your portfolio so you can sleep at night.

No two people are the same therefor Fidelity Capital Management takes an individualized approach and will create a comprehensive retirement plan that may incorporate stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other appropriate financial instruments.

Looking for a broker? Fidelity Capital Management can help you diversify your portfolio and invest in appropriate stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other financial instruments as part of your overall financial strategy. Call the financial advisors at Fidelity Capital Management today: 941-706-5564.


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